Your ability to generate demand, win deals, and grow accounts starts and ends with your sales team.

Get the sales talent needed to penetrate the GTA market.

Executing your sales strategy to drive consistent and predictable revenue growth is dependent on the effectiveness of your sales force. And in the GTA market, there is nothing more critical than having a sales team with skills, experience and DNA needed to outsell the competition.

Let us help you drive sales success.

By combining detailed role profiling, targeted headhunting, and comprehensive candidate assessment, we quickly deliver candidates who possess the role-specific characteristics, competencies, and sales DNA needed to:

  • Penetrate targeted accounts
  • Increase deal win rates
  • Close larger deals, faster
  • Grow accounts

Beat Your Most Challenging Sales Staffing Challenges

If you need specialized sales staffing services – a team of recruiters who only recruit for Sales positions –Sales Addiction is the answer. Our specialty is helping companies find Sales professionals with the skills, experience and drive you need to grow your business.

How Are We Unique?

Unlike the services offered by general staffing firms, traditional recruiters, and executive search firms, we specifically help HR Leaders, CEOs, and VP of Sales who:

  • Can’t afford to make the wrong sales hire
  • Have an empty talent pipeline and need to achieve aggressive hiring deadlines
  • Are undergoing transformational change initiatives and need to refresh their sales force
  • Need to sustain growth by building a sales force in untapped markets


Through our combination of sales expertise, a focused team approach, comprehensive candidate assessment, and our unique fee structure and guarantee, we ensure our clients successfully fulfill their human capital objectives.


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